All the water that will ever be is right now


Eco Aqua Technology is an innovative water treatment company active in the Southern African region. The company is situated in the Strand, Western Cape, South Africa.

The members of Eco Aqua have many years experience in process design, manufacturing, installation & commissioning of water treatment plants based on a variety of waters ranging from borehole & surface waters to sea water desalination.

In this regard, Eco Aqua offers a wide range of “off the shelf” as well as custom engineered solutions for all water purification needs, utilising proven technology capillary filtration modules with filtration capabilities down to 0.01-micron. Simply stated, this means the removal of practically 99.99% of all suspended solids in water, such as bacteria, viruses & other pathogens, without the use of chemicals, thereby hugely benefiting both the potable water consumer and the environment.